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WILL FILING BANKRUPTCY BE RIGHT FOR YOU? Ask your Brevard County Bankruptcy Attorney about Chapter 7 & 13

Brevard County Bankruptcy Attorney, Burton Green answers to your bankruptcy questions! FREE telephone or office consultation 321-783-8773

Bankruptcy laws exist to help average people and businesses adjust to catastrophic financial situations. Bankruptcy is not always the right solution to debt problems but it does provide a remedy for dealing with financial debt when repayment is impossible without imposing extreme hardship. I practice primarily bankruptcy law; in particular chapter 7 and chapter 13 throughout Florida’s Space Coast. In addition, I have many years of experience providing Cocoa Beach and Melbourne, Florida residents with mortgage foreclosure services and defense. I am a Brevard County bankruptcy attorney and understand what factors to take into consideration when helping an individual or family file for bankruptcy in Central Florida.  I represent families throughout the Space Coast, with offices in Melbourne and Cocoa Beach.



Stop Mortgage Foreclosure

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Are you facing foreclosure? Do you fear losing your home or being on the street?  I can help you to stop foreclosure proceedings through a mortgage loan modification or by filing chapter 13.

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Bankruptcy Myths

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Don’t let the many myths about bankruptcy prevent you from thinking about filing bankruptcy. These myths are simply not true. Bankruptcy allows you to get a fresh financial start. Don’t let myths stop you from getting your fresh start. Call my office today to discuss your situation.

Why Hire An Attorney

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Bankruptcy law is technical and complicated. Mistakes can be costly and can eliminate the potential benefits offered by bankruptcy.  I am an experienced and knowledgeable attorney in bankruptcy law.  I have counseled people in bankruptcy for over 25 years.  I can protect you from making those costly mistakes.  FREE consultations.  CALL TODAY.  321-783-8773



Written by Burton J. Green

Understanding Your Options

 Fill out the contact information below to request your FREE ARTICLES on some frequently asked questions about bankruptcy, including: 

  • The Most Common Mistakes People Make Before Filing For Bankruptcy

  • Not All Debts Are Equal In Bankruptcy. Some Debts Do Not Get Discharged 

  • You Don’t Have To Fear Your Creditors

  • Saving Your Home With Mortgage Modifications Through Bankruptcy
  • I can’t pay my medical bills

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    Has a medical emergency resulted in overwhelming medical debt? The majority of people who file for bankruptcy do so because they incurred unexpected medical bills they cannot pay. I can help. Medical bills will be discharged in bankruptcy. Call today to schedule a FREE consultation. 321-783-8773
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    Will I be able to buy a car

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    You can! Buying a new car after a bankruptcy is often easier than before the bankruptcy. After the bankruptcy most, if not all, of your debt obligation has been discharged. You will have a better debt to income ratio. You can rebuild your credit.
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    I have Student Loans

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    Many people are saddled with large student loans.   Student loans are not normally discharged in bankruptcy.  There is an exception where your student loan imposes an undue hardship on you or your dependents. This hardship can arise after your bankruptcy case has closed.  You should call today to discuss.
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  • The Truth About Student Loans And Bankruptcy
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    Concerned about a mortgage foreclosure because your mortgage is in default or near default?

    My office provides complete mortgage foreclosure defense both in and around Brevard County, Florida.  What does this mean?  We can represent you in defending against a mortgage foreclosure in state court.  While not all mortgage foreclosures can be avoided, our services involve trying to assist in reinstating your defaulted mortgage before a foreclosure lawsuit is filed, and if that is not possible, representing you in the lawsuit.  We will work with you and your lender to obtain a mortgage loan modification.  In many cases, however, the best result for you might be to have time to arrange for a short sale or a deed in lieu of foreclosure and avoiding your lender suing you for a deficiency judgment.   By having my office representing you, you will have an opportunity to gain sufficient time to deal with the situation or to arrange to relocate.

    My office is experienced in working with lenders to arrange for mortgage loan modifications under one of the HAMP programs.  We do this directly with your lenders in the course of a mortgage foreclosure proceeding.  Many times, though, the best and most effective time to seek a mortgage loan modification is through the filing of a chapter 13 bankruptcy case.   When a chapter 13 case is filed all mortgage foreclosure proceedings are stopped.  If you have been pre-qualified by my office to be eligible for one of the mortgage modification programs then we can work toward the loan modification as a part of the chapter 13 bankruptcy case.


    I optimized this website to provide information and insights into how chapter 7 and chapter 13 works, what remedies chapter 7 and chapter 13 offer and what chapter 7 and chapter 13 does not do. Filing for chapter 7 or chapter 13 does not always solve all financial problems. Bankruptcy law can be complicated, but it is understandable.  The filing of bankruptcy is often a time sensitive matter. There may be reasons why you should not file for bankruptcy at one particular time but bankruptcy may still be something that you may need to file in the future. Threading your way through the difficult choices involved and deciding if bankruptcy is appropriate can be difficult and technical. Each person brings his/her own unique set of facts and circumstances. It is extremely important to consult with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer whom you can trust and who can provide you with the insight and advice necessary to make an appropriate and informed bankruptcy decision. I know that my 30 years of experience in the bankruptcy field has provided me with the background, experience and knowledge necessary to help you.




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